Public Response to “Windows of the Soul” Album (LBC Radio Showcase) and to some of Lisas live and recorded performances 


Lisa’s contributions here are sumptuous. She has a very beautiful voice which fits perfectly on this album of pure joy….


I loved it… you have a beautiful voice… Your music is very chilled…


Excellent.. great voice, lovely song, beautifully sung, great talent…


Her crystal-clear vocals mirror accomplished performers such as Julianne Regan, Judie Tzuke and Moya Brennan; effortlessly emotive and with an impressive range..


This girl is superb… her style is very close to Eddie Reader… very, very good. (EMI Producer)


Amazing.. brilliant to listen to… She’s as good as Delta Goodrum, I would certainly buy her stuff… she’s got an incredible voice, it really moves you.


An unexpected highlight came from a tribute act called Reckless Heart their version of ‘Alone’ is certainly one of the best cover versions I’ve heard throughout all of the years I have been attending the Rock and Bike Festival. Reckless Heart delivered an outstanding performance.


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